Gate J. Shimbashi and Umeda are temporarily closed.(March,2020)

What is GateJ...

Upon opening the door, you enter the world of horses...

GateJ is a place for you to feel free and drop by anytime to enjoy our 'horse information space'. We have life-size exhibits of horses, various horse information running on our big screesn, horse specific computer area and a comprehensive library on horses for you to browse at your pleasure. We will regularly be running special events, various changing exhibits and we have specialized horse accessories only available from GateJ.

The 'J' in Gate J stands for 'Join, Joyful, and many other meanings.

To give you the opportunity to learn much more about horses
To give you the chance to get a feel of the world of horses
With this in mind, we very much look forward to welcoming you

Exhibition: J.STUDIO

In order to give you the best opportunity and clearest views to learn about horses, we have picked out for you the most essential collection of books, photos and illustrations to best serve you.

Information Engine: J.NET

We have several computers on site that provide essential information on horses and JRA. In addition to offering detailed information on traditional horse events in Japan, you can obtain extensive information on horse racing, data and real-time information through the JRA fan site, JRA-VAN. You can also go through our extensive archives of previous JRA races.


With our events, we always invite a variety of special guests. From fascinating insights into the historical background of racing and horse culture, we also have special race commentation just before GI Races are run.

Books Corner: J.Library

Please feel free to browse through our specially selected library at your leisure. From a detailed selection of Horse and Horse racing books and essays, we also have a select collection of horse racing Magazines providing you with more details. We have a copying service (extra charge) that may also be used.

Video Broadcasting Information: J.VISION.LED

At our rest space, and in other areas, our big monitors display updated information on Horse Museums in Japan, along with Green Channel races and various race day updates.

Original variety Goods Corner: J.Collection

At our Variety goods corner, we have a special collection of original horse racing goods available for you.  Please be aware that we only have a number of each item, so please understand if we are sold out.

Our Opening day times & Access information

Gate J. Shimbashi

Opening Hours
11:00 - 19:00
On JRA Race Days
9:30 - 17:00 (Until the final race results are announced)
Tuesday/Public Holidays (Open in case of JRA Race day)
1F Shimbashi Bunkan, 4-5-4 Shinbashi, Minato ku, Tokyo, Japan

Gate J. Umeda

Open days

A Tower Basement Floor
Wins Umeda Selling times and Weekday winning payment collection times
(Usual open days: Sat/Sun/Mon/Tues)

B tower 1st Floor
Wins Umeda Ticket Sales days only
(Usual opening: Sat/Sun)

Opening Times for Wins Umeda

JRA Race Days
From Ticket sales opening to end of winning payment collection times
Same as Wins Umeda weekday winning payment collection time

A Tower: B1F, 2-1-16 shibata, Kita ku, Osaka
B Tower: 1F, 2-2-33 shibata, Kita ku, Osaka